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the oshow podcast

Jan 26, 2022

On this Election Edition OSHOW  Host Laura Babcock does an in-depth interview with Mayoral candidate Keanin Loomis and then Panelists Margaret Shkimba and Mary Lou Tanner give their hot takes on the interview. A must-see for Hamilton voters!

Jan 18, 2022

On this heartbreaking and at times terrifying OShow, host Laura Babcock and guests Sarah Jama and Dr. Ameil Joseph discuss how bad things have become for Racialized Hamiltonians and those who speak up for them. It's a deep a disturbing dive into racism in policing, the #DropTheCharges campaign, and the Mayor's failing...

Jan 11, 2022

New voices join the OShow for the New Year - I Hear Hamilton Blogger and radio host Kristin Archer and Urban Politics intructor Chris Erl of McMaster join host Laura Babcock and Kojo Damptey of HCCI to discuss what kind of Mayor and city we want and how to get it!

Jan 4, 2022

On this tough-talking and entertaining OShow, Host Laura Babcock asks i-Elect Co-Founders Graham Crawford and Ryan Patrick Moran how EXACTLY someone can run for Hamilton Council and beat an Old Guard incumbent... Swamp Rings and all.