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the oshow podcast

Apr 19, 2022

What 5 THINGS need to change as a result of the Oct 24 election?  We ask business expert and McMaster prof Marvin Ryder and HCCI Ex Dir and social justice activist Kojo Damptey for their list! Compare & Contrast 

Apr 13, 2022

Will this week's tragic killing of Maestro Boris Brott by a hit and run driver bring the change Hamilton needs? Will candidates in the upcoming election make safer streets a priority? Kirstin Archer of @ihearthamilton shares memories of Boris Brott and his recent gig with the Arkells, and our panelists Mark Cripps,...

Apr 6, 2022

With breaking news changing the calculus in the upcoming election, I-Elect Co-Founder Ryan Patrick Moran weighs in on the Mayor's race, and how candidates can WIN and change the corrupt and heartless culture of secrets and scandals at City Hall!