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the oshow podcast

Feb 1, 2023

"Terrifying" is the word used to describe what renters in Ontario are facing. Individuals and families are plunged into poverty by the skyrocketing rents for residents and businesses. Two brilliant panels share their compelling stories and expertise from Hamilton and Toronto on fixing this out-of-control crisis....

Jan 11, 2023

As more Old Guard secrets are revealed, our first panel of 2023 asks if Mayor Andrea Horwath and Council have the vision to progress Hamilton. On this fast-paced episode, Urban Planner Mary Lou Tanner and McMaster's Chris Erl also discuss LRT, affordable housing and much more.

Jan 11, 2023

As MORE Old Guard secrets and sewer leaks get revealed, our panel asks if the New Council and Mayor Andrea Horwath have the vision and plan needed to make real changes to Hamilton! On this first OShow of 2023, Urban Planner Mary Lou Tanner and Chris Erl of McMaster question the leadership of the Mayor and Council on a...